Highest SPF Zinc
Oxide Available

VIZOR® Super Zinc® powders and dispersions
allow you to develop the highest, safest,
most transparent SPF formulations

Who We Are

VIZOR® founding team has a combined 50 years experience in the personal care industry. Our members have held various roles at the leading beauty brands in the market. VIZOR® is the culmination of over 20 years of research on coating technology resulting in a major patented breakthrough. Our products can be found in some of the largest brands on the market in both sun-care and daily-wear products.

Patented Technology

Years of innovation and research led to the creation of VIZOR® patented advanced material coating technology which we have applied to zinc oxide to create Super Zinc®. The Super Zinc® products are the most efficient and cost effective inorganic sunscreens available and are able to produce higher SPF’s with lower use levels than current commercial Zinc Oxides. VIZOR® patented technology will allow formulators to create new aesthetic milestones in the daily and beach wear markets.

Greater Transparency

VIZOR® Super Zinc® is so effective that you will need less material to achieve the same SPF compared to other commercially available Zinc Oxides on the market. Less Zinc Oxide means less whitening. You can expect greater transparency on even the darkest skin.


VIZOR® Super Zinc® products are above 100 nm and considered non-nano. Our products have been tested rigorously in-house and with industry recognized 3rd party laboratories.

Free Formulation Support

VIZOR® has a full formulation support team of chemists who have worked extensively with Zinc Oxide and can expertly guide you in the development of very effective, transparent, high SPF formulations. Helping you get to market much quicker.

Reef Safe

Our product line of Super Zinc® have been deemed safe for various aquatic species based on ecological testing. The environment is and continues to be of paramount importance to us here at VIZOR®.

FREE SPF Testing

SPF Testing is expensive and can cost hundreds of dollars per sample. VIZOR® will provide you with in-vitro testing for free. How? We have our own testing capabilities in house to provide you with meaningful results with a quick turnaround time. Simply send us your sample and we will provide you with the results and free consulation on interpreting the data.

See how VIZOR® can help you build the most effective and innovation SPF products.

Check out some of our free
formulations with in-vivo data

We have a large catalog of in-vivo tested Free Formulations covering O/W, W/O, Anhydrous, Hybrid, Inorganic etc.