In-Vitro SPF Testing Sample Protocols

Send 1 oz of product that is freshly made. Please make sure that when sampling material to send to us, the bulk is thoroughly mixed. Ideally it should be sampled immediately after the batch is made and still on the mixer; if the bulk has been sitting, place it back on the mixer for 10 minutes. In the past we have seen settling of Zinc Oxide over time in many formulations, which leads to inaccurate SPF values.

The product must have completed initial stability testing INCLUDING 3 full cycles of freeze/thaw before sending to VIZOR. Clearly label the container with the Company name and the Formula number.

Send the sample to:

Yannick Rigg
63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 307, Bldg 212
Brooklyn, NY. 11205

Please send your representative the tracking # for the shipment when you have it.

VIZOR will have the in vitro results in 7 business days after receiving the sample.